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Today I Will...Character-Building Task Cards

Raise your hand if you'd like to see your students be kinder, more considerate, and more selfless toward others. Help build character and community in your classroom with this sample set of Today I Will...Daily Character-Building Task Cards

Character education task cards

This set of 5 daily tasks represents a sample of the full set, which includes activities that demonstrate character traits such as courage, compassion, kindness, personal responsibility, independence, generosity, gratitude, perseverance, and friendship. (Click on the link in the freebie if you're interesting in seeing the full set.) Consider having students reflect on the task at the end of the day as a journal prompt or discussion topic.

Putting others first task card

Friendship task card

Gratitude task card

Kindness task card

Respect task card

I designed these tasks to be appropriate for upper elementary students, but they can be used with any age. Let's face it: Even we adults could benefit from doing these on a regular basis! 

Keep inspiring!

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Aspire to Inspire Classroom Resources Blog