Classroom Freebies

Two weeks ago, I posted about cortical vision impairments, and its prevalence in children.  I talked about how this differs from problems with visual acuity, and likely causes.

Research has found that children with c.v.i. have unique responses to color and movement.  In order to get the child’s attention and help him focus, use color and movement.  

Students with c.v.i. often show a preference for bright colors, especially red and yellow.  However, you should check out color preferences in your specific students, because this is not universal.  You should also use black or dark gray backgrounds and table coverings, to m minimize visual distractions.

Use movement to help focus attention and vision.  Use bright shiny objects and move them around the point of focus.  Use red flashlights, red mylar pom-poms, etc. and shake them around the focal point. (You can read more about this in Christine Roman-Lanz’s excellent book or on Linda Burkhart’s website)

Here is a 20 core word communication board adapted for students with C.V.I. using the colors and high contrast that are most often found advantageous.  You will probably want to blow this up in printing or copying, to make the pictures larger.