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What Does Not belong? Fishing Game- Color Sorting too!

Which picture does not belong? Fishing Game

This versatile pack is great for teaching negatives, categories, associations and color matching too! it's perfect for speech therapy or a classroom center. 

FREE What Does Not Belong Fishing Game by Speech Sprouts. Teach associations, categories and color sorting too!
Which does not belong? Fishing game.

Summer is the perfect time for a fishing game! 

Put a paper clip on each fish. Hang a magnet on a dowel rod, and you are ready! Your children will reel up a fish, and tell which picture does not belong. Then have them sort the fish into the fishbowls by color.

I always use a bingo magnet and tie a string through the hole in the handle. Works great! It's even more fun to have the children sit on a "log" (upside down trash can) or make a "boat" from a box.

To download, click the picture or here: That's Fishy! Which Does Not Belong

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Have fun!

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