Classroom Freebies

Apple Games

Do you do an apple theme for back to school
I do.  It's one of my kiddos favorite units.  I like it because I can teach every subject, and a variety of standards using apples. 

With that in mind, I designed the "Stack 'Em Up!" apple game.  
It's quick, easy and fun and helps practice number recognition, counting, the 3 colors of apples, color words, and patterning. 

Simply "print & go".  

Another way to practice similar standards, as well as one-to-one correspondence, is with this set of red, yellow and green colorful apple cards.

I give my kiddos matching colored pony beads to use as manipulatives,  but you could also get a pack of brown or black ones to use as apple "seeds".

I've also included a BW set of cards, so that kiddos can make their own. 
Put a scoop of popcorn kernels, sunflower seeds, dried peas or beans in a Snack Baggie, so they have an inexpensive manipulative to use.

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