Classroom Freebies

Back to School Writing Prompts

One of the first things I do to get to know my students as writers is to give them a general narrative writing prompt. We typically spend two days on this activity.

On the first day, I give them a copy of the prompt of their choice. This day is just for writing, writing, and more writing. On day two, they get a narrative checklist and time to finish up any "loose ends" in their writing. Afterwards, I use a 1-2-3 scale to assess their initial abilities as narrative writers.

You can use this freebie pack any time during the year, leave a prompt in your emergency sub plans, or pull it out as a quick assessment at the beginning or end of a unit on narrative writing. I hope it helps!

Get a copy for your classroom by clicking on any of the images in this post. Be sure to leave feedback on TpT if you love it!