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Free Math Problem Solving Strategies Graphic Organizer

Free problem solving graphic organizers from Raki's Rad Resources.

"There are many ways to solve a problem." This is something I tell my students over and over while teaching math. It is my focus especially when working through word problems. I want my students to know how to solve word problems using a variety of problem solving strategies, but also know that one strategy is not necessarily better than another. This Word Problem Graphic Organizer gives students a chance to work through a word problem using many different strategies. It's a great way to model problem solving strategies with your students whole group or to have them work in small groups to solve a problem different ways. I have my students add their sheets to their interactive math notebooks so that they can refer back to it when they are solving word problems later on. There are four different sheets in this packet and you can download all of them for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.