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Free Multiplication Facts Tiling Puzzle

Free multiplication tiling puzzle to model problem solving, critical thinking, multiplication facts and the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Printable puzzle from Raki's Rad Resources.
Problem solving and critical thinking are two of the hardest skills to teach. One of the ways that I teach these skills are to use tiling puzzles like this Multiplication Tiling Puzzle as modeled think alouds. I share with students my thinking while working through a puzzle and ask them to share any connections that they see as long as they explain their thinking with the class. Modeled think alouds are particularly important at the beginning of the school year when you are building up the strategies you would like to see your class use all year long. In addition to problem solving and critical thinking, this puzzle works on multiplication fact memorization and understanding the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Download this puzzle for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.