Classroom Freebies


For me, July always means it's time to start prepping for Back to School. Once I have my class list, the first thing I do in July is prepare postcards to welcome my students and let them know how excited I am to have them in my room.

It's important to me to have them ready to mail out a couple of weeks before school starts.  I use a template I made a few years ago that I LOVE!  The text is editable, allowing me to quickly type in a student name and address one for each student.  Then I simply print front to back on postcard-weight card stock, cut, stamp, and set them back until it's time to send them out.  One thing done to ease the back-to-school rush!

You can grab the FREE Back-to-School postcard template here (it can be changed for any grade - the text is editable).  A letter option is also included.  
Or just click on either image to download your copy.