Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Myths of AAC Handout

For students who are nonverbal or minimally verbal, use of alternative-augmentative communication modes are crucial for developing communication and language skills.  But did you know that AAC can also be useful for those who have more verbal skills; such as those who can not always be understood?  Did you know that there are no pre-requisites for using a complex AAC system?  Or that it can be harmful to “wit and see” if the child develops more speech?  

There are some common myths and misconceptions that can get in the way of our providing a comprehensive and appropriate communication system for these students.  Here is a handout explaining the truths and realities.  

Students who are not afforded both a variety of options within a complete AAC system and effective teaching strategies to develop communication skills have been failed by those of us endeavoring to teach them.