Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz's Free Summer of Wh- Questions

For most of the students with whom I’ve worked over the years, answering Wh-questions has been  a difficult skill to learn.  That almost universal difficulty with learning to answer questions was what prompted me to develop  an intervention program, which I later turned into an iPad app that many parents, teachers, and SLPs use to teach their students how to answer Wh-questions. (You can download it for free in the iTunes app store.)

But we’re also always looking for other fun ways to reinforce those skills and keep kids engaged.  With this Wh-question Summer Game you can ask one question each day, or use the game board and play for as many turns as your student(s) like.  There is a fun, engaging summer beach scene full of kids doing things, a game board and game question cards.
You can even laminate it and take it to the beach with you.  Then generalize those skills by asking questions about the people at your beach.

Have fun!