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Take Data with this Dot Marker Apple Freebie

Love Apples for Fall?

I have a motivational activity for you that can even help you take data with your small groups! Use it to teach any skill. 

Take data with this apple dot marker freebie

This download comes in both color and BW. Laminate the color copy and use it with bingo chips or even pompoms for more fun. The BW copy is perfect for dot markers and crayons.

Here's what you do:
1. Choose 2 or 3 colors to use for your apples, say green, yellow and red. You keep control of the markers, chips or pompoms.
2. Ask your student a question. If correct, the student covers/colors one apple with green. If incorrect, cover/color one apple with red.
3. You can add yellow if you like- use if the student corrects the answer on a second try.

That's it! I have provided versions with 10 apples or 20 apples. When filled, you can see at a glance the percentage of correct answers!

Want to try some more apple art? Check out my post on apple stamping here.

Download this apple dot marker freebie at Speech Sprouts here. Have fun!