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Free, Updated 3rd Grade Problem Solving Path

Free problem solving path math journal for 3rd grade - 10 math word problems in a graphic organizer with a grading rubric from Raki's Rad Resources.

Every few years, I try to revisit resources to see how they can be made even better. This summer, I decided to revisit Problem Solving Path. Here are the improvements I made:

 -  I improved the graphic organizer that each word problem is situated on, removing the shadow that was appearing on some of the words and making the grading rubric easier to use.

 - I improved the word problems to make sure that they were more closely aligned to the standards - both Common Core and UK National Standards.

 - I seperated the problems so that you now actually download 2 seperate math journals, one with problems, phrasing and spelling specific to the US Common Core Standards and the other with problems, phrasing and spelling specific to the UK National Standards. 

 - I realigned the problems so that the cover rubric matches perfectly with each problem, making grading easier overall.

So if you have previously downloaded the First Month of 3rd Grade Problem Solving Path Math Journal, which can be used for August, September, or any other month of the year, feel free to redownload the updated journal. If you have never tried Problem Solving Path, please stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store and check it out today!