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Pete The Cat's Keepsake Craft

Do your kiddos enjoy Pete the Cat stories? Mine do. One of their all-time favorites is “I Love My White Shoes”.

With that in mind, I wanted to make some sort of quickie craft that would help my students retell the story to their families as a way of practicing that standard.

So I came up with this trace and cut your hand print (shoe-clad) cat.
Kiddos can pick a partner and take turns tracing.

I’ve included a heart pattern that says: “This is the hand you used to hold when I was only _______ years old.”

Children write in their age, trim and glue it to their hand print paper, which says: “We read ‘I Love My White Shoes.’ Please ask me to tell you the story.”

I also drew a pattern for a cat head, which you can adjust in size.
Run these off on blue construction paper.

Children color, trim and glue to the right of their hand, which is the "body" of the cat.
Their thumb is the "tail"; the rest of their fingers are the cat’s "legs".

Run the shoe pattern off on white, red, blue and brown paper.
Students get one of each color to trim and glue, so they can practice sequencing the colors of the story in the correct order, then using their cat picture as a prompt, they retell the tale to their family.

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