Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Fire Drill Visual Cues Poster

Fire safety week is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Now would be a good time to review the fire drill protocol for your school in general and your room in particular.  

Many of my students don’t understand exactly why we have fire drills.  They are also often fearful of loud noises, or just don’t like them.  So, preparing them in advance of what to expect, how to behave, and what directions to follow can be very helpful.
It is helpful to review these throughout the year, too, since it takes more than 1 demonstration for most of these kids to learn what to do.

Post these visuals in your room where kids can see them - usually by the door.  You can right click and download straight to your computer from this page, or go grab it from my TPT store here.

Stay safe, and….. Keep on Talking!