Classroom Freebies

Glittring Spider Web Craft

Since October is filled with a spooky mix of activities, it seemed a fitting month to study spiders for one of our science units.  

These "glittering webs" are one of my kiddos' favorite activities.  The picture doesn't really show how truly pretty they are, but at least you can get an idea.

I mixed Elmer's glue with white paint then placed a black construction paper circle in the bottom of a metal cake pan.

Add a dollop of the paint-glue in the middle and place a large marble on top. Students maneuver the pan to "spin" a web. (Super-fun and great fine motor practice.)

When students are happy with the results, they sprinkle opalescent or silver glitter on the wet paint, and can pick a plastic fly or spider to squish in the center.

I found some cute spider web stationery, so each child glued that on for a splash of color.  So that you can do the same, I've included a colorful web with the poem on it. 

They looked quite pretty hung back-to-back then suspended from the hallway ceiling, but would be cool scattered on a bulletin board with "pull-apart" cobwebs in each corner. 

Older students could use this as a "topper" for a spider-themed writing prompt.

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