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Susan Berkowitz’s Free AAC (Augmentative-Alternative Communication) Vocabulary Planning Guide

Many more SLPs are facing caseloads with AAC users than ever.  Not all SLPs feel comfortable with implementing AAC, however; particularly with multi-level groups.
Emerging AAC users need lots of Aided Language Stimulation (ALgS) and opportunities to practice beginning core words.

More experienced AAC users need continued Aided Input (AI), scaffolding to support expanded utterances, support for a variety of communication functions, and activities that expand syntax, morphology, and lexicon.

Here are some vocabulary plans for common or easily accessible activities in elementary and middle-high school special education to get you started.  Activities included: bubbles, play dough, Mr. Potato Head, make-up, sports re-play.
I hope you find the planning guide helpful. 
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