Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Fire Prevention Problem Solving Game

Fire Prevention Week is coming up and we all want our kids to stay safe and know the right things to do.  

Last week I provided visual cues for fire drill expectations to review with students, and hang in your rooms.  This week I have a fire safety game for students to play.

You can use the cards for a quick round of questions, or use them with the game board for a game in which they practice telling what to do or say during fire drills and evacuations.  

Where I live there are frequent fires and often evacuations are necessary.  While we want our students to take this seriously, and understand the importance of safety in the case of a fire, the game format allows students to learn and review while being fully engaged in a fun type of activity.

Questions are provided in a list format, as well as on the game cards.  Grab yours here, and help your kids know what to do during a fire.

Stay safe, and…….. Keep on Talking!