Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Halloween Candy Sorting

So very many of my students have assorted food allergies that it’s sometimes hard to keep them all straight.  And Halloween can be a terrible time to have a kid who can’t eat everything he’s been given.

One year I decided to make a game out of sorting out foods with various key ingredients so that kids had some extra support for remembering what they could and couldn’t eat.
This is not a thorough activity for sorting through those gluten-free, cassein-free diets, by any means, so please use with caution.  

But it does sort through nuts, chocolate, and wheat in general.  And if you have kids in your class or group with no allergies, it is still a  useful categorization activity.
So, get your students ready to eat what’s safe for them (maybe they’ll share the rest with you).
Just right click to download and use.

Don’t eat too much candy.  And… Keep on Talking.