Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Hand Washing Sequence for National Handwashing Day

Yes, that really is a “thing.” It was National Handwashing Day this weekend, and I'll bet we all missed it. 
Now, we all know that hand washing is important for health and safety reasons. And most kids learn to wash their hands long before they come to school. But many students in Special Education classes take longer to learn basic life skills, and are still working on learning all of the steps and learning to be thorough. 

So, for all of those Special Education teachers out there, here is a set of visual cues for the steps of a hand washing routine. (Just right click to download) Cut the pictures apart and have students practice putting the steps in order. Hang one set above the sink, so kids can refer to them as needed. 

Scrub hard, dry off, and…….. Keep on Talking!
Thanks to Smarty Symbol®  for the graphics.