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Vic La Vache - Writing and Classroom Management Combined

Free classroom management and writing activity from Raki's Rad Resources

With the use of a stuffed cow, I was able to get some of the best behavior out of my students. It was simple, really. I placed the stuffed cow on a shelf and told the students that Vic was watching and trying to decide which student he would like to tell his stories to. See Vic La Vache was a world traveling who had been many places and loved to tell children about those places. Then, when I caught students being good, I gave out raffle tickets. These raffle tickets went into a jar and each Friday I took out a ticket. If the student's name was drawn, they got to take home Vic and his binder which was full of Blank Vic La Vache Writing Page. Over the weekend, students were to write down a story that Vic told them and then on Monday Vic got to sit with them all day. At the end of the day, they shared Vic's story with the class. It was amazing how well behaved my students would be for the chance to hang out with Vic all weekend! Feel free to use this strategy and grab Vic's writing pages from my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.