Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz's Free Christmas Tree Shapes and Colors

Are you working with preschoolers or Kindergarten students who need to practice shapes and colors?  Do you have older language disordered students who still have a hard time with these concepts?  
Well, here is an activity just right for this time of year that can help with developing those skills.

My Christmas Tree Shapes and Colors craftivity allows little ones to have fun cutting and pasting.  Your occupational therapist will love you for working on cutting skills, and helping students to get just the right amount  [not too much] glue on the paper is also practical.

This activity works on triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles in various sizes and colors, while building your very own Christmas tree, complete with ornaments and presents.  There is even a star to put on top.

Have fun, and Keep on Talking!  Have a great holiday season, and a safe New Year's eve!