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Susan Berkowitz's Top Teaching Strategy for AAC Implementation

Are you supporting a student who uses augmentative communication?  Having a hard time knowing where to start or how to move him or her forward?  Did you know the first, best strategy for teaching a students to use augmentative communication is Aided Language Stimulation?

Back in 1989 Carol Goosens, et al, talked about the importance of using Aided Language Stimulation to teach a student how to use AAC, what words to use in given situations and where to find them in the communication system, as well as, what the symbols mean.

It takes a little practice, and you need to be familiar with and comfortable with the AAC system, but it's not difficult and it is so important.
I've got a free handout about partner strategies in my store here, and you can see the video and grab a downloadable copy of the slides as a handout, too.