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Chinese New Year Paper Lantern Craft

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Year of the ROOSTER.

To help celebrate, I made this quick, easy & super-fun Chinese paper lantern craft. 

You can run yours off on a variety of colors of construction paper, but I chose red for mine, as it's the most popular color for the New Year.

Besides the lantern craftivity, this packet includes super-interesting facts and history about Chinese lanterns and the famous Lantern Festival, with lots of fascinating links to short YouTube videos of lion dancing, stilt walking, dragon dancing, floating lanterns, and parades, that will take your students to China in the comfort of your classroom.

I've also made up a list of 97 thought-provoking riddles to challenge your students with.  
Riddle lanterns are among the most popular in China; and solving them is a big part of their celebration.

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