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Corduroys Buttons- A Preschool Matching Activity and School-wide Hunt!

Corduroy is a Classic Story

If you haven't read it, it is a sweet story about a little toy bear who finally finds a forever home. Corduroy loses a button in the story, which inspired this matching activity.

Freebie: Matching Corduroy's Buttons
Corduroy's Button Hunt Freebie

Read the Story, then go on a Button Hunt

I give a button to our school secretary, nurse and others. Then we go hunt for the right match. Have your children ask "Do you have Corduroy's button?" Be sure the person with the matching button is last. Yay! You found it.

Freebie: Matching Corduroy's Buttons
Corduroy's Buttons File Folder Matching Freebie

You can also make a file folder game for matching the remaining buttons.

Head over to Speech Sprouts blog to download your copy of Corduroy's Buttons.

Happy Hunting!