Classroom Freebies

Freedom Quilt For Black History Month

As a second grade teacher, I love creative ways for my students to display their research projects.  I get tired of poster board projects, because there are always one or two projects that take over the bulletin board.

For black history month my students learn a lot about the underground railroad and the many ways slaves found their freedom.  As a result, a few years ago I began giving each student in my room a piece of scrapbook paper to complete on an African American of their choice.  When all of the pages come back  with information on their person, I use safety pins to attach them to fabric to make a gorgeous quilt.  My class calls it our freedom quilt.  Most years, my class is large enough to create two quilts.  I put together this free Freedom Quilt lesson which includes directions, a letter for your parents explaining the project, and a grading rubric.  I hope your class enjoys this project as much as mine does!