Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Core Word Roll-and-Finish-the-Phrase

Are you supporting an AAC user in your class/caseload/home?  If so, you know that the best way to build competence with AAC is to use it throughout the day for genuine communication interactions. 
But, we also know that that may not be enough practice for some of our kids.  So, some decontextualized practice also comes in handy.  We often play BINGO-type or Memory-type games to help AAC users become proficient at finding specific words.  I also have used fill-in-the-blank sentence games, too.  And usually I encourage silly sentences, as well as “real” ones.
Here is a dice game that asks students to create a phrase or sentence using a specific core word, generated by a roll of the die.  Simply select the (already constructed) die appropriate for the specific student, have him roll it, and use the word in a phrase or sentence.  For more beginning students, you might begin by just having them locate the word in the AAC system.

So, rock and roll your way to competent AAC use and……Keep on Talking!