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Susan Berkowitz’s Free New Years Synonyms and Antonyms Match Up Games

free antonym practice

Building vocabulary is often at the heart of speech-language therapy, as well as at the center of reading comprehension.  So now wonder we spend so much time building vocabulary.
Kids with poor vocabulary struggle with reading, with academic content, and with using language appropriately.  So start the year off with something old and something new.  My New Year’s Synonyms resource has been around for a while.  You can grab your copy here.

These Opposite Puzzles are brand new.  Grab them here, and let your kiddos practice independently with these errorless puzzles.  The words only fit one way!

So gear up now for strengthening those word relationships!
Have a great year, and……Keep on Talking!

susan berkowitz is a speech-language pathologist who focuses on students with complex language disorders and/or complex communication needs.  Find her tips at