Classroom Freebies

Winter-Wear Poster

I designed this poster as a real "sanity saver".

Adults often forget that just because we know you put your snow pants on before your boots, and your mittens on last, otherwise you won't be able to zip your coat; little ones do not; although some valiantly try, only to get a boot stuck half way down a pant leg.

Taking things off & starting over is frustrating, exhausting & wastes precious time. Some just stand there with their mittens on and wonder what to do next. 

I review this poster with my Y5s.  Take that "teachable moment" to reinforce ordinal numbers at the same time.

Hanging the poster on the wall next to my kiddos' lockers and referring to it, helped tremendously!
In no time at all my little ones became independent!

Woo hoo! Less tiring for me, and a longer recess for them.  Win-Win!

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Getting Dressed poster.

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