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Valentines Day Kindness Cards Freebie- Looks Like Language

Free kindness cards from Looks-Like-Language! #kindnessnation
This month is a great time to reinforce the message of kindness! I joined the #kindnessnation movement on TpT and made these free cards to get a discussion going!

You can use them with your favorite game boards by just intermixing these cards with whatever work your students are practicing. Have a daily discussion or use them to start a journal writing activity!

One of my buyers had a great activity idea:

"On  January 21, 2017,  Kathleen H. said:
So many ways to use this!!! I think I'll paste one per page in a class notebook and kids can pass it around the room and pick one to write about (after reading them all and doing one together). Then kids can add to it or read other's responses in their free time or even silent reading."
If you try them out and find another great way to use these cards, please pass the kindness along and let other teachers know your #kindnessnation idea!
You can get this freebie at my store. Thanks for coming by!