Classroom Freebies

A FREE Spring Board Game that's Just Ducky!

This sweet duck and pond-themed game is perfect for spring. 

FREE Duck and Pond Themed Game with Final /k/ and Rhyme Cards by Speech Sprouts

Quack! Go Back is fun as an open-ended game, a bingo chip or a dot marker activity. 

Can you help the little duck get to the pond? You can easily level this activity: use the included Quack! cards to advance on the gameboard for readers, roll a dice, or simply have your young children earn bingo chips to fill in the path.

Working on articulation, phonics or rhyming? 

I've included 20 CVC final /k/ cards with 9 rhyming word pairs for practice.

Head to Speech Sprouts to download HERE. When you do, I hope you will leave me sweet feedback too. I so very much appreciate hearing from you. (Sometimes I just can't help rhyming!)

Happy Spring my Friends!