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Are Your Students' Reading Stars?

One of the fun activities that we use every year for Reading Month is we have an activity called Reading Star.

This activity has students pick a picture book, practice reading it, and then read it to the class like a teacher would.  They are evaluated based on poise, volume, expression, fluency, pronunciation, eye-contact, and introducing themselves to the group.

Turn your students into reading stars with this activity that helps students improve their fluency, expression, pronunciation, and much more!

We use it as a competition between each classroom on the same grade level, but it doesn't have to be done as a competition.  I have a friend who does it differently at her school because she doesn't like the competition aspect.

The kids always enjoy the activity!  You can read about it here on my blog, The Owl Teacher.

While you are there, you will be able to download the free information packet and rubrics so you can do this in your classroom if you desire!  :)

Happy Teaching!