Classroom Freebies

Character Instagram Posts

Use the format of an Instagram post to help students understand perspective and point of view. Students create a username, image, and comments from the perspective of a book character or historical figure. The activity is a big win with the students and is a creative way to assess what students understand about an event in history or an important scene in a story.

Students use a template to add three comments about a chosen scene or event. The students consider how people might interact to create comments that respond to the post image they draw.

In  my case, I used this as a history activity to review Cortez, Pizarro, and the conquest of the Inca and Aztec people. The activity could easily be adapted for key scenes from a novel study or any history topics.

CLICK HERE to visit my full blog post and download an electronic version of the template from Google Drive or a PDF version of the Instagram template.