Classroom Freebies

Fun With 2D Shapes

Teach, review and assess shapes and shape words, with this 41-page whimsical shape packet: "Shapely Mouths".

The packet includes:
    •    12 large 8x10 posters of each shape
    •    A large 8x10 shapes title poster.
    •    2 posters featuring all of the shapes on one page, You can run these off and give each child a copy to refer to, or give them a manipulative and have them place it over the various shapes as you call them out.  This could also be done as an "I Spy" game where students would trace the shapes that are called out.  (A quick, easy and fun way to whole group assess.)
    •    2 Boy & 2 Girl Face Mats for students to play the "Shapely Mouth" game.
    •    12 mouth-shape pieces for manipulatives
    •    12 word cards with no shapes.
    •    12 word cards with shapes on them.
    •    12 mini "shapely mouth" cards to use for Memory Match and "I Have; Who Has?" games.
    •    2 "trace & write" shape booklets and
    •    A certificate of praise.

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