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Learn the Vocabulary of Math With This Froggy Freebie by Speech Sprouts

Teach the Quantity Concepts of More, Less and Altogether 

 Frogs and Flies: Quantity Concepts Freebie by Speech Sprouts
Frogs and Flies: Quantity Concepts Click HERE

Understanding the vocabulary of math is terribly important for success. If you have hands-on learners like I do, they will really enjoy this activity.

The color version of this activity is perfect for multi-sensory learning when creating "dough" flies.

Laminate the color version or pop it in a page protector to use. Roll out some little dough or clay flies to teach the vocabulary with a small group before having your children do the black and white booklet independently.

Make a booklet for each student, then get out an ink pad to start the fun in your math center.

You children will love adding thumbprint flies to their booklet for the hungry frog. Stamp a thumbprint and draw wings to create the number of flies indicated on each side of the page. Then your children will decide which is more, and which is less. Finally, add them up and write how many there are altogether. Ribbet!

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I hope this activity makes a SPLASH! with your students.

Happy Spring!