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No More Brag Tags- Academic Badges Instead

I've never been a big fan of the words "Brag Tag."  I mean no offense to those who love it.  It's just not my thing.

And there are some grades out there that think perhaps their kiddos are just too old for brag tags anyway.

And is it always about classroom management?  Perhaps you have classroom management down and you don't need them for that.

But what if...

Just what if someone, someone who goes by the name... The Owl Teacher has an idea.  A VERY big idea.  An idea that is just sure to knock your socks off (if you were wearing some that is!).

You see... The Owl Teacher likes to think differently.  I want to engage my students and collect grades, all while making it easy on myself.  Quality instruction.  Student Engagement.

Just how can I do that?

Oh, but I do.  You see, if you head over to The Owl Teacher's Blog Post here you can read all about how I change Brag Tags FOREVER.

Oh, yeah, you'll also grab a freebie that looks like this:

Knock your socks off with this engaging idea for your classroom.  Learn how to use academic badges in your classroom and grab a freebie to get started!

I know, it looks just like brag tags, but it's NOT.  Trust me.

What I want to share with you is about saving you planning time, collecting grades, giving students choice, differentiating your instruction, meeting students' needs, and how all this can be done with that picture above.

So head on over, read about it, download the freebie, and enjoy!

Happy Teaching!