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See You Later Alligator Dismissal Fun

As I bid my students goodbye we often say: “See you later alligator! After while crocodile!” so I decided to expand the verses.

My Young Fives absolutely LOVE this fun way of getting ready to go home, and saying good-bye to their friends. 

It's a very effective and easy way to get students' attention for transitioning at the end of the day, especially when everyone is tired. My students look forward to it as well. Woo Hoo; win-win.

The 23-Page Packet includes:

    * An alligator poster. Print off 2, glue them back-to-back and suspend from your ceiling over the door as a reminder.

   *  Revamped poster-poem.  I've included enough verses so each child can recite one as they line up to go home. They can say their verse, wave good-bye and get in line. Hang a copy of the poem on the door.

     * Traceable animal word cards with matching pictures to help students learn these words + a cover to make an Itty Bitty booklet.  Make extra sets to turn into Memory Match Concentration games or an "I Have' Who Has?" game.

    Toss the animal cards into a basket and have students select one.  That will be the phrase they get to recite.  They can quietly line up, walking and sounding like that animal, as they recite their verse.  i.e. a mouse would squeak their verse quietly, as they scampered on all fours to the door.

    * Additional Good-bye Song

   * A traceable booklet so students can get used to reading, writing and learning the verses. Children cut and glue an animal to the matching numbered box.  

I hope your kiddos will enjoy this as much as mine do.

Click on the link to grab your copy today: “See You Later Alligator!” Good-bye Packet.
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