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Spring Ten Frames Math Center

Hi everyone! Happy Spring! I thought I'd share a spring tens frame math activity we use during the season.

Our classroom has been transformed into all things spring. We display a pocket chart on one of the walls with a center that is used as a math station. Students can choose to go to the center during our math block. It's also a perfect activity for early finishers.

Students count the seeds on the ten frame cards. It's also a great way for students to work on subitizing. 

They then match these math fact cards to the ten frame cards.

The children record their answers on the recording sheet. Our pocket chart sits low to the ground on one of the walls in our classroom. Students can sit on the floor with their papers on clipboards to complete the activity.

I've found that the students enjoy using the pocket chart in an interactive way. And working with a partner on the activity helps to engage the students.

Just click HERE for a free download. I hope your students enjoy the activity!