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St. Patrick's Day Circle Book Writing

I love St. Patrick's Day because my twins were born on that very lucky day!  I really feel that I was blessed with a pot of gold that day!

I have here for your cute little young ones, a St. Patrick's Day Circle Book - but it's more in the shape of a pot of gold.

Download this free adorable pot of gold circle book for your next creative writing project for the St. Patrick's Holiday!
It comes with a titled pot of gold and a blank one where students can give it their own title.  It also has different pages inside.  One set says, "first, next, then," while another set says "beginning, middle, end."  I also included blank pages in case you have your own ideas.  ;)

The imagination is limitless!  You could have students research about St. Patrick's day and write about that, write fun facts, write their own stories about finding a pot of gold themselves or whatever tickles your funny bone!

It's ready to download for you free... Just click here!

Have a lucky day!