Classroom Freebies

Owl Fact Families Fun!

This Owl Fact Families activity is perfect for getting your kids hands on and exploring their fact families from 1 to 10. With cute owls and colorful eggs, your kids will have fun adding the eggs  together to make different number sentences. There's two different games included so that you can extend your students' learning.
Game 1:
Players choose a nest. They find two egg cards that they can add together to make the number on the nest and record their number sentence.

Game 2:

Give each player a Nest Ten Frame and a set of Egg Counter Cards. Place the Owl Nest Cards face down on the table. Students pick an owl nest card. They use the egg counter cards to explore how to make that number on the ten frame – ‘how many red and blue eggs can you add together to make X?’.
“I used _____ red and ______ blue eggs’. Students record their fact families on the recording sheet.