Classroom Freebies

Students Who Struggle With Oral Expression: An Eye-Opening Demonstration

Do you have students who struggle to express themselves even though they know what they want to say? 

Understanding Language Disabilities: Try this eye-opening demonstration at your next faculty meeting. by Speech Sprouts

As a speech language pathologist, many of my students have word-finding difficulties, and formulate their sentences slowly, with lots of pause time and reduced fluency.

Sometimes it can be hard for others to understand what that may be like to struggle when trying to express yourself. As educators, most of us are pretty good talkers!

I created this freebie as a great demonstration for your next staff meeting or parent meeting. Try it yourself and see how you do. How does it feel to search for or stumble over your words? Do you want someone to correct you, or just give you more time? Did you get frustrated? You know what you want to say, but it just didn't come out right. Do you think if self-expression was this difficult all the time, you would volunteer in class to speak?

This demonstration can spark a great discussion. I hope you give it a try. CLICK HERE for the free download at Speech Sprouts.

Thank you for all you do to support your students with communication disabilities!