Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Using Pronouns Cards

Learning to appropriately discriminate and use pronouns can be difficult for many students with language disorders.  They might confuse you and I with regularity, or not grasp the difference between he and she.

Most children go through pronoun reversals at some point in their language development, so it’s not the phenomenon that is unusual.  However, for some students - especially those with autism and with significant language disorders - the reversals linger.
There are some things you can do to help, as well.  First, be explicit in your teaching the use of pronouns.  When asking “What do you want?” help them use “I” correctly in their response.  Ask questions during family or group time that requires the use of “me” or “her” or “him.”  Ask those same types of questions when reading books.

As Mother’s Day approaches, ad Father’s Day not far behind, I’m offering a free activity for practicing she and he, him and her in your speech sessions or classroom.

Each of the cards has a picture and provides a cloze activity, or fill-in-the-blank.

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