Classroom Freebies

The Final Countdown (Posters)!

It's that time!

Spring Break is over (insert wailing)...

and Summer is in sight!!

And the students are NUTS. But who can really blame them? They're frazzled from end of year tests, just as hyped for summer as we are, and nervous about leaving us for the next grade level. We could all use a little focus, right?

That's where these posters come in!

I made these posters  a few years ago to help my team keep our students focused as we plowed through the last few weeks of school. We just printed as a poster, laminated, and appointed our Bossiest Bella or Benjamin to keep us counting down each day. :)

Click on the poster sample above to get your copy on TpT. I've made them for rising 1st through 6th graders! Or, you can PIN the image above to save it for later!