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Calling All Students to Be Drug Detectives

The Drug Detective is an activity that can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Substitute Activity: where students write the correct answer and then document where they got their correct answer, (Notes, textbook, cell phone — if your school allows students to use their electrical device in the classroom.)
  2. Pre-assessment -- for a drug unit (which can include — alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco, crystal meth, ecstasy and marijuana)  This will assess what students know and give the students an idea what will be covered in class
  3. Test review -- as individual review or team competition review.
  4. Test -- where students have the option of taking the test as an individual or with a partner of their choice.  Partner tests are harder than students anticipate for several reasons
  •  Students are only allowed to whisper — If I hear them, I deduct 5 points.
  • Partners can disagree on the correct answer.  They will have to quickly and quietly   persuade their partner.  I’ve had students stop their partner test and ask for an individual test because they could not come to agreement.
  • If both students know the material, it still takes them time to complete. 

Listed below are three Item Categories with Word Lists for each category.  You will need to refer to these words in order to answer the items in the table below.  Write the correct answer in the appropriate box. 

Drugs                                 Category of Drugs                      Examples of Substances
Alcohol                              Stimulants                                   Carbon monoxide
Crystal Meth                      Depressants                                Nicotine
Ecstasy                              Hallucinogens                             Tar
Marijuana                                                                               Inhalants
Smokeless Tobacco                                                               THC
Tobacco                                                                                 Benzopyrene

Click on the Google Docs Link to get the Worksheet:

Click on the Google Docs Link to get the Answer Sheet:

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