Classroom Freebies

Do Your Students Have Problems Getting Homework Turned In?

Talk about turning homework in with this fun, free activity from Looks-Like-Language!
Now, I'm not a magician and I don't promise to solve that problem for you! If I could do that, I'd be off consulting to school systems and bringing in the bucks.

What I can offer you is a fun way to talk about why that is a problem, from the perspectives of the student, the parent and the teacher.  Sometimes when students gain a better understanding of a problem and come up with their own solutions for it, they do a bit better at following through.

What do you have to lose? It is free! Have your students make the pages into a book and then fill out the worksheets. If you are a plan ahead type of person, it could be a great activity for discussing expectations at the beginning of the school year!

You can find Getting Work Done at my store!  Enjoy!