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End of the Year Writing Portfolios

I have bounced around between several grade levels, but no matter what age child I teach, I always like the students to organize a writing portfolio at the end of the school year. It is a writing scrapbook that shows their growth as a writer for the school year.

This is actually a project I start thinking about the first week of school. From the first day of school, I file all graded writing assignments. The students get the folder back during the last few weeks of school, sort their projects, and make choices about what to include that best represents their changes in writing.

Even though we are all thinking about the last day of school right now, grab this freebie by CLICKING HERE and begin planning student writing portfolios for next year. The freebie has printable letter templates to write letters to yourself the first and last week of school, memory pages to sum up the school year, and a PowerPoint document with editable versions of the print outs.

Here's to the end of the school year!