Classroom Freebies

Free Math Centers for Grades 3-5

I have started doing Guided Math this year and am LOVING it! Let me repeat that.... "I am LOVING it!" As part of my rotations I have math games and centers. I think this is my students favorite rotation.
Included in my games/center rotation are these soccer-themed activities. Soccer anything has immediate buy in with my students so they were keen to try it. Now they are hooked and sometimes there is a race to get these before anyone else does. 

In this freebie are 2 different math activities --- one for subtraction and one for multiplication. Students will answer multiplication or subtraction with regrouping questions to score goals!

There are 2 ways to complete each center!
Your students can either complete the centers independently as they sort the soccer ball equations
They can play with a partner. Each person takes a goal to match soccer balls with. They shuffle the soccer balls and then choose one to answer. If their answer matches their goal they keep it. If it doesn’t they return it to the pile. The first student to get the predetermined number of goals wins!