Classroom Freebies

Susan Berkowitz’s Free Mystery Picture Hunt Game for Following and Giving Directions

Being able to both follow and give directions is an important skill in school, and in life.  Kids with language disorders often have trouble with processing the directions we give them, or with being able to formulate accurate directions or descriptions so that another person can complete the task or find the object.

This is a fun game that my students have always liked.  You can use it for a complete session, or just to fill in when you have a spare 5-10 minutes.
Students take turns picking a picture of an item, then need to describe the item - size, function, shape, color, location, etc. -  sufficiently for other students to find and name it.
You can easily adapt this activity to multiple target skills.  Students can work on using prepositional phrases, understanding complex directions with multiple critical elements, using adjectives of quality, using complete sentences, and more.

With no game board, there is no rush to finish or win.  This can be used as a cooperative activity, as well.
Enjoy the hunt.  And,…. keep on talking!