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Tall Tale Creative Writing

It’s the end of the school year and I don't have enough days left to start and finish a good novel study, so I moved over to short stories. Tall tale short stories to be specific. They are hilarious, and my students have loved every minute of it. Plus, I finish a story in one reading class, so I don't have to worry about interruptions from day to day.
To enhance our reading, students are writing their own tall tales. It teaches hyperbole, and we are reviewing story parts. It also requires students to practice many writing mechanics lessons teachers target in upper elementary.

CLICK HERE to visit my blog post and download the tall tale brainstorming page. It includes a story plot outline to help students plan their story and add hyperbole. The PDF document also includes a story rubric and a printable writing page if students are handwriting their stories.

The story has been a great final writing project and activity for the chaotic last few weeks of school.