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Sailing into Summer or a New School Year Craft & Treat

Sail into summer or a new school year with this easy and inexpensive gift for your students.

I’ve been doing “fan” sailboats since I was a little girl, so that’s 50+ years ago!

In those days, I’d use a Popsicle stick for the mast, but I thought it would be sweet to stick on a pencil, pen, marker, glow stick (bracelet), pixie stick, (filled with powdered candy), or an individually wrapped piece of licorice as the mast, to add that little something extra.

This craftivity is versatile, as there are two sail patterns.
One is for the end of the year: Have fun sailing into summer. I hope it’s fantastic!”

The 2nd one is for back to school: “Have fun sailing into a new school year. I hope it’s fantastic!”

I chose the word fantastic to play off the fan portion of the right sail.
The BTS one also has a “Welcome” flag option, if you want to add a finishing touch.

Place on your students’ desks or tuck in their backpacks on the first or last day of school.

Besides the color patterns, I’ve also included black & white templates .
Give a summer boat to this year’s students, then have them make an apple boat for next year’s kiddos.

Win-win & a super time saver for you. Plus, accordion folding paper is a wonderful fine motor skill that strengthens finger muscles.

Nice time-filler for the end of the year; kiddos are happily engaged, while you get a few moments for other things, plus you can check "make a treat for the first day of school" off your summer "to do" list. 

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