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Student with Autism? 12 Great Tips and a Freebie for Inclusion Success.

How can you help your student with autism be successful in your classroom??

Inclusion Tips for Students with Autism
All About Me for students with autism.
If you have a student with autism this year included in your classroom, you may be wondering what you can do to make it a great year for your student. 

Students with autism may experience challenges including responses to sensory information, auditory processing challenges. struggles with social understanding and sometimes feel overwhelmed with changes in routine.

Need some inclusion tips to get you and your student started?

Head to my store, Speech Sprouts, and download Autism: Inclusion Tips for Classroom Teachers. You'll get a teacher handout with 12 great tips and an All About Me page to share with staff.

Read more on my Speech Sprouts Therapy blog. Have an fabulous year!